Diesel concrete pump series

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Diesel concrete pump series
Electrical control system:
Completely closed electrical control box can make sure the operation of the machine in harsh environment.
The main electrical components adopt Schneider, Mitsubishi. Panasonic and other world-renowned brands.
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) electronic control system making electric circuit simple, function well.
Wired remote control, operating excellence
Hydraulic system:
Flip-side door make operation, maintenance, maintenance is very convenient. The special craftsmanship of the door can effectively reduce noise.
Hydraulic system adopts double pump and double circuit; A complete set of imported hydraulic components ( Germany Rexroth or Japanese Kawasaki)and special anti-wear hydraulic oil are the guarantees of high efficiency and long service life.
Compulsory aircooled heat exchanger keeps the temperature of the hydraulic oil below 60 degree,that ensures the whole hydraulic system works at normal status.
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