Jet wet concrete

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Jet wet concrete
Advantaaes of the wet shotcrete oumo:
1. Simple structure, strong aaaptaowry.
2. High pressure pumping, long converying distance.
3. High efficiency: large capacatity.
4. High performance.
5. High reliability: The key parts are made of high domestic brands to ensure reliability of the machine.
6. Accelerator add and control technology: Accurate measurement of pneumatic metering pumps, atomized jet nozzle,makes accelerator mixed with concrete.
7. Reduce dust concentration, eliminating hazards to workers.
8. Lower the rebound degree, the rebound degree of dry spray is up to 15%-50%, but wet spray is make the rebound below 10%.
9. air cooling system, simple and environmental.
10. Multi-use, can be used as wet spraying machine also be used as a concrete pump.
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