Mining concrete pump series

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Brief Introduction
HBMG80/16-110S flame-proof overall hydraulic colliery concrete pump. Drive mode: motor,anti-explosion type: Exdl. Widely suitable for the working environment in the well of colliery.
Main function
1.It can be used for the concrete.
2.It can fill the gob of the Well.
3.It can quickly finish the isolation between the gob and closed abandoned roadway.
4.It can  refill the solid waste of the well and solve the problem of coal gangue discharging.
5.It can spray the roadway instead of wet shotcreting machine and finish temporary support.

Main features
1. Reliable, performance: HBMG80/16-110S adopt overall hydraulic drive,what reduce reversing impact. Valves system is excellent quality, easy for maintaining.
2. Compact structure: Complete machine can be taken apart into two,easy to pass cage,transport and install in mining construction location.
3.Higher delivery pressure and farther deliver distances.The farthest delivery an reach 600m
4.Reliable quality:Core parts are Japanese original,equipment lifetinme and quality is reliable
5.Anti pump:.Anti pump is a really helpfull feature to solve block tube.
6.Wide application scope:HBMG80/16-110S is multi-purpose pump,can be used in various minning concrete filling work.
Remark:Mining truck wheels gauge:600mm 700mm or 900mm can be chosen ai client required.

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