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The use of concrete pump product performance
Enterprise engineering machinery related equipment when the choose and buy, in order to achieve understanding to buy related products of various models, specifications and parameters, combined with their own situation, according to undertake the project scale cycle, etc., combined with the actual situation to choose and buy.
1. The concrete pump the famous brand of choose and buy, product quality is guaranteed.Through production enterprise sales company or the production enterprise sales offices in all over the world, and for access to buy the product identification certificate, type test report and special vehicles report of all items and vehicles catalog number, certificate of quality system certification,'d better send someone to the production enterprise to inspect the production, management, and quality, as the basis of the selected goods.
2. According to undertake the project of the device the size of the construction project, and the cycle length and transfer frequently determine the maximum pumping volume, cloth, fabric arm length arm parameters and appropriate to the chassis.Concrete pump should be situated in product quality, the first is appearance modelling, coating, welding steel structures, walk, railings, such as whether level off is smooth, beautiful and fluent.Then gradually go deep into the interior, the chassis engine, gearbox, fixed bridge, the main hydraulic components, pumping system, fabrics arm, slewing mechanism and the performance of the rotary bearing fittings such as quality.
3. The use of concrete pump product performance, action stability and flexibility of the parts and recycle fabric, stretch fabric arm arm to see if there is no normal jitter, chassis drive, diameter, close to turning Angle, Angle of departure, the minimum ground clearance whether meet the requirements by sex, such as engine fuel consumption rate and other economic indicators is reasonable, the remote control operation is reliable and stable.Homemade cloth arm products should also be careful about the structure of the manufacturing quality.In order to reduce fabric arm, chassis, leg weight, it shall adopt high strength fine fine grain steel structure of carbon steel thin plate (conditioning), its welding process is very strict, otherwise there will be a very serious problem such as weld cracking.
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