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The performance characteristics of concrete pump
Everybody always said that a price points a points goods, but for the real meaning of taking words actually you also don't know, we trust for example in the mining industry often USES concrete pump, the price of the concrete pump is also as they say the words, a price a points goods, but the concrete pump prices of different kinds of are the unique advantages of concrete is different, so here today, the following are explained in detail, for everybody about visual factor of mine concrete pump prices advantage in "performance".
For floor heating construction of pumping concrete with fine stones, and the traditional mortar pump pumping, unable to complete my company's development of fine stone concrete pump successfully solved this problem, the pump adopts the most advanced S tube valve structure, double cylinder piston, hydraulic control, has the system stable operation, easy control, less maintenance etc.
In addition to pumping concrete with fine stones, but also can be used for pumping, used in construction, ground, metope, can also add compressed air spraying device is constituted a complete wet shotcrete machine, which can be widely used in mines and underground engineering support lining, the structure of the wall painting, the strengthening of building structures, such as reinforcement, the stability of rock slope, tunnel excavation engineering.With high efficiency, good quality of concrete, the dust concentration is low, lower resilient rate, low failure rate, low engineering cost advantages.
The performance characteristics of concrete pump:
: 1, floor heating construction using fine aggregate concrete pump is pumping concrete with fine stones, used in construction of floor heating.
2, long using life of the reversing valve, make the seal, high output pressure, available and high-rise building construction.
3, PLC control system, make the control performance is better.
4, design the function of the pump, makes clear the blockage is very easy.
5, the whole machine adopts air cooling design, easy to use, without water.Equipped with central lubrication system, prolong the service life of the whole machine.
6, the machine is equipped with a wheel, mobile, flexible in place, with a vibration motor, make the machine more efficient, convenient, floor heating construction using fine aggregate concrete pump.
Translation in essence it is often said that a price points a points goods related theory, its concrete pump prices have jumped in, there will be a very correct, so everyone is concrete pump when the choose and buy must pay attention, to choose and buy out is not only suitable for their own use and good quality of concrete pump.
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